What is this for ?

For general users

In your computer, hundreds or perhaps thousands of digital files have been stored and the number keeps on increasing daily. A consideralbe amount of effort is waseted to manage the files. To tackle this problem, we developed a personal database software named Concierge. The software enables to manages all types of files based on their metadata by simple operations.

For neuroscientists

A key feature of the software is its pluggable configuration. Based on the basic functions, various applications can be developed as plug-ins. We have already developed several application plug-ins specific to neuroscience research, e.g. literature manager, electronic laboratory notebook, etc.

Who we are

The Concierge Project is a part of neuroinformatics research by Laboratory for Neuroinformatics (2002-2012) in RIKEN Brain Science Institute. Our primary goal is to encourage research resource sharing in neuroscience communities. If you are interested in neuroinformatics activites in Japan, please visit following sites:


  • This software is available under the Eclipse Public License (EPL).
  • This software has been developed at SourceForge.JP
  • This software is

Current version 2.0


2.0 released.
2.0 RC2 released.
2.0 RC released.